Residential workshop and tour, Iceland. Book now for July 2023!

June 13th, 2023|

Join Nadine and Thorey from 14th – 28th  July 2023 and experience the  Nadine George Voice Work in a residential context in the beautiful historic town of  Skálholt in Iceland.

An opportunity to work in this unique setting  and visit some of Iceland’s most iconic places with three local tours included. All you need to do is book your flights!

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Congratulations Morag!

October 14th, 2022|

Morag Stark joins our accredited NGVW teaching community having having undertaken the 2022 Accreditation Process and completed the requisite study, teaching and practice of the technique.

Below is a link to her research article, submitted as part of this process, reflecting on her own  and her students experiences of the work. She demonstrates with great clarity the strength and impact of this work in its teaching,  its empowering nature and accessibility for all.

The Nadine George Voicework Pedagogy

A short reflection of my teaching experiences through the work by Morag Stark

In Person Workshop with Nadine – August 2022, Glasgow – apply now!

June 29th, 2022|

We’re delighted to announce Nadine’s first in person workshop in Glasgow since 2019!

This is a two-week international workshop for professional creative artists with experience of the Nadine George Voice
Work®. It will help to re-source and replenish the energy and creativity which is often spent giving out to others, and allow
the individual to re-experience themselves as creative artists in their own right. The COVID pandemic has left its mark on
us all and for many changed the way we live and work. In this workshop Nadine will afford participants an opportunity to
reflect on where they are in themselves and their work as we all move forward and develop in this new place we all find
ourselves in.

For full information and application details CLICK HERE

VSI Announces Teaching Accreditation Pathway

May 12th, 2022|

VSI is delighted to release preliminary details of its new pathway for a teaching accreditation qualification in Nadine George Voice Work. It is designed for those who already have a strong background of practice in Nadine George Voice Work and are interested in taking their existing knowledge, understanding and practice of the work further. At the same time, it will give those at an earlier stage of their journey with the work an idea of the range and scope of experience required prior to application.

For full details please click here

*BOOK NOW* Spring 22 Workshops Programme

March 1st, 2022|

As we continue with our hugely successful online offerings we are delighted to be able to be  re-opening our in-person workshops, with the first to take place in Glasgow this April with accredited teacher Susan Worsfold.

While we are planning ahead for further in-person workshops  we are pleased to continue offering a variety of online sessions with Nadine and our accredited teachers.

Please visit our workshops page for full details and session times.

“Thank you so much for the online session. I got so much out of it and think it works so well ! “(Take a Breather participant: Jan 2021)

Nadine talks about her work with Lisa Peck for her new book ACT AS A FEMINIST

June 9th, 2021|

Lisa Peck is a lecturer in Drama and Theatre and Performance at Sussex University who contacted me to see if she could include me in a book that she wanted to write on female voice and movement practitioners within a feminist acting pedagogy.

She was interested in people who had not taken an established way of teaching the voice but had taken the teaching of the voice, as in my case, from another root.

She took part in one of my international workshops on the Voice and the Classic text in London and found the work both professional and philosophical.

She was deeply moved and found the work life changing. She felt she experienced a healing process through her work with her own voice and through her listening to other people’s voices in the workshop.

It was this experience that confirmed Lisa’s decision to write about me and my work in her book. She calls the part of the book about my work. Nadine George. The Healing Voice.

Lisa’s book ACT AS A FEMINIST : Towards a critical acting pedagogy is published by Routledge and is available to buy now.

Robert Price interviews NGVW teacher Professor Ros Steen

March 15th, 2021|

Ros Steen was recently interviewed by Robert Price for his podcast series The History of Actor Training in the British Drama School. The episode, entitled Ros Steen and the Voice Work of Nadine George: Tradition and Evolution, traced Ros’ journey in voice and the first encounter with Nadine and her work which was to change the direction of her own practice. She talks about her introduction of the work into professional theatre contexts in Scotland and the establishment of the Centre of Voice in Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for the teaching, practice and research of NGVW. The lineage of the work from Wolfsohn and Hart to Nadine ‘s creation of her technique is also discussed together with the radical philosophy Ros believes is inherent in this work which constantly re-evaluates itself to meet the times now.

To hear the episode click here


Nadine George talks about the importance of continuing breath and voice work online.

November 11th, 2020|

In the times we find ourselves in, Covid 19 is now part of our lives. I feel in many ways it is taking us away from the breath and the voice which is the expression of the individual. I would like to bring us back to the breath, which is life, and the voice and the connection to the self. To the empowerment of the individual.

As VSI moves temporarily to online lessons I find myself working in this new medium and opening new opportunities for people to do the work at a time and place that suits them. It is clear that this also makes the work accessible to people from around the world.

I have found working in this online medium very interesting.  It is clear that you cannot go to the physical contact you get from the breathing work or the full sound that you get from the voice work in a workshop with a group of people, and that sometimes working at home can, understandably, be restrictive. However, what I have found working with this medium is firstly, it allows people to do the work in the context we find ourselves in and also secondly, it does not change the depth of the work, either in the breathing work, the voice work or the text work. In fact in some ways the work becomes more focused through the medium of the camera.

The lessons I’m doing online still include the breathing work on the floor, the singing of the four qualities of sound, Deep Male, High Male, Low Female and High Female and then linking the breath and the voice work to the work with the text.

Although this cannot replace the power of working in person the work online has proved very effective and powerful in a different way and I’m delighted to be able to continue to reach out with my work in these difficult times.

If you’re interested in a lesson with Nadine please click here for more information.


VSI workshops: 2020 Programme update

May 26th, 2020|

It is with great sadness that we have had to postpone our summer workshop programme in light of the current situation with the COVID 19 pandemic.We are developing opportunities to work online with Nadine and our accredited teachers so please do get in touch via our contact page if you would like to be contacted about this when the times comes. 
As soon as we are able to we will be back up and running with our face to face workshops but in the meantime stay safe and keep breathing!

Mel Drake introduces her work with D/deaf actors on the BA Performance course at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

May 11th, 2020|

Next year’s words await another voice’: British Sign Language and voice work with D/deaf actors at the RCS.

Download a copy of  Mel’s essai here

Essai recently published in: Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 2019 What is new in voice training? Volume 10, No. 3, 448 – 454

Publication by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

The importance of breath in lockdown life…

April 26th, 2020|

As we all find ourselves temporarily living a very different life in lockdown we must remember the importance and power of the breath. Remember we can use the technique in our every day life to help centre us in these challenging times. Please visit our resources page for some practical guidance on using the technique at home.


Ros Steen works with visual/digital artist Màiri Lafferty to release vocal authenticity in the experimental film ‘Tongues’

April 20th, 2020|

Tongues is an experimental film directed by visual/digital artist Màiri Lafferty and supported by a Morton Award from the Royal Scottish Academy. It is about glossolalia or speaking in tongues and is based on Lafferty’s childhood experience of the Pentecostal movement in the US and Scotland. It was filmed at Basic Mountain, Edinburgh in June 2019 and documented by Holly Yeomen in her text Polyphonic Representation.

Tongues comprises four workshopped Acts designed to create a secular environment  to practice glossolalia led by Ros Steen, accredited teacher of NGVW, and Layla Brown, a classically trained singer specialising in improvisation. The band of artists Fallopé & the Tubes –  Sarah Messenger, Ruby Pester, Nadia Rossi, Rachel Walker, Catherine Weir, & guest Rosslyn Oman  – participate in these Acts whereby Steen and Brown use radical pedagogical vocal techniques, including Nadine George Voice Work with its roots in the pioneering research of Alfred Wolfsohn, to enable the group to release ‘their authentic, magnetically haunting sound, a voice relation of Wolfsohn’s dying souls’. [Holly Yeoman.]  Text spoken was drawn from A.L.Kennedy’s essay Proof of Life ( published in ‘On Writing’, Jonatahn Cape 2013) as well as vocal deconstructions of the participants names.

Before filming, Màiri experienced Nadine George Voice Work in a lesson with Ros to understand the work from her own embodiment of it. In an e mail subsequently she wrote the session

has transformed the film itself – originally fundamentally visual – into something far more performative…. it is the process of the film that is the most important thing…how can I create the best space for it? How can I create a safe and generous space for a group of women to engage with their own energy – to begin to understand its force and power, and harness it to vocalise something that they otherwise cannot articulate?’

Both film and Yeoman’s text are currently available here :