Voice Studio International provides training and workshops based on the work of internationally renowned voice teacher Nadine George.

The Nadine George Voice Work® gives practitioners the opportunity to understand the connection between the voice and the body, improving confidence, physical awareness and a greater understanding and control of the breath. The work uniquely uses sung sound directly linked to the body and to work with text.

We work with people from many different backgrounds, from theatre, the arts in the health sector, business, social action, television and many more. We have accredited teachers working all over Europe and continue to grow our alumni to expand the reach and development of this unique practice.

April 2020

A message from Nadine…

In this difficult time the world finds itself in our love and thoughts are with you all. VSI continues its work through these challenges with you all in mind. Remember our breath work together, stay open and look after each other. We will be together again in our work, but in the meantime, take care and stay safe.

With love,  Nadine

Nadine George

Nadine George, founder of Voice Studio International, trained as an actress at the Central School of Speech and Drama in 1962, studying under renowned voice director Cicely Berry.

She went on to work closely with fellow actor Roy Hart, researching work on the human voice and in 1975 was a founder member of the Roy Hart Theatre in Malerargues, France.

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Nadine talks about her work with Lisa Peck for her new book ACT AS A FEMINIST

June 9th, 2021|

Lisa Peck is a lecturer in Drama and Theatre and Performance at Sussex University who contacted me to see if she could include me in a book that she wanted to write on female voice and movement practitioners within a feminist acting pedagogy.

She was interested in people who had not taken an established way of teaching the voice but had taken the teaching of the voice, as in my case, from another root.

She took part in one of my international workshops on the Voice and the Classic text in London and found the work both professional and philosophical.

She was deeply moved and found the work life changing. She felt she experienced a healing process through her work with her own voice and through her listening to other people’s voices in the workshop.

It was this experience that confirmed Lisa’s decision to write about me and my work in her book. She calls the part of the book about my work. Nadine George. The Healing Voice.

Lisa’s book ACT AS A FEMINIST : Towards a critical acting pedagogy is published by Routledge and is available to buy now.

Robert Price interviews NGVW teacher Professor Ros Steen

March 15th, 2021|

Ros Steen was recently interviewed by Robert Price for his podcast series The History of Actor Training in the British Drama School. The episode, entitled Ros Steen and the Voice Work of Nadine George: Tradition and Evolution, traced Ros’ journey in voice and the first encounter with Nadine and her work which was to change the direction of her own practice. She talks about her introduction of the work into professional theatre contexts in Scotland and the establishment of the Centre of Voice in Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for the teaching, practice and research of NGVW. The lineage of the work from Wolfsohn and Hart to Nadine ‘s creation of her technique is also discussed together with the radical philosophy Ros believes is inherent in this work which constantly re-evaluates itself to meet the times now.

To hear the episode click here https://www.buzzsprout.com/1393114/8068725


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