Nadine George Voice Work Teaching Accreditation

VSI is delighted to release preliminary details of its new pathway for a teaching accreditation qualification in Nadine George Voice Work. It is designed for those who already have a strong background of practice in Nadine George Voice Work and are interested in taking their existing knowledge, understanding and practice of the work further. At the same time, it will give those at an earlier stage of their journey with the work an idea of the range and scope of experience required prior to application.


Introduction and philosophy of the new NGVW teaching accreditation

Historically, accreditation to teach Nadine George Voice Work® was granted to individuals by Nadine George herself.  The philosophy of this model of accreditation is one of legacy and places significant emphasis on the nature of the transmission received by an individual as being of primary importance. Training to be an accredited teacher of NGVW work is less a matter of an acquisition of a body of knowledge and practices learned in order to be taught and more about the transmission accredited teachers themselves will bequeath to others in turn.

After years of rigorous enquiry and interrogation into the nature of this transmission a clear process, underpinned by its principles, has now been evolved for those wishing to acquire the status of ‘NGVW Accredited Teacher’.

If you might be interested, as an initial step have a look at the range and scope of the following pre-accreditation requirements necessary prior to any application.

Pre-accreditation requirements.

In order for a candidate’s application to be considered the following criteria have to be fulfilled.  A candidate needs to:

  • already hold appropriate formal and/or professional qualifications (e.g.  an MA or equivalent in Voice work, a strong professional theatre/performance training and background, a practitioner qualification in a related discipline e.g., Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Speech Therapy, Art Therapy, Music, Psychology, an undergraduate voice training that has included a significant element of Nadine George Voice Work within it)
  • have had considerable prior personal experience of NGVW® taught by accredited teachers of at least 250 hours over a minimum of a four-year period including, where applicable, 3 x 2-week international workshops (180 hours) plus other NGVW® workshops and individual lessons
  • provide evidence of a background of knowledge, understanding and training in voice theory, anatomy and vocal health issues, text work, navigation of a piano and its connection to NGVW, basic health and safety awareness and first aid
  • have undertaken a minimum of 150 hours of NGVW themselves before beginning to acquire experience of exploring the work with others for over a period of at least 3 years and provide feedback or other evidence of the quality of their work. Note: post-150 hours, this requirement would run concurrently with the second requirement.


While the above would be expected to apply in all circumstances the individual nature of NGVW’s transmissive process allows for consideration of each prospective candidate’s individual journey and experience.

If you feel you have fulfilled the criteria and wish to know more about the actual accreditation process including costs, further details are available on request.


If you are generally interested in the accreditation process you can register your interest with us and we can keep you updated with future developments.