In the times we find ourselves in, Covid 19 is now part of our lives. I feel in many ways it is taking us away from the breath and the voice which is the expression of the individual. I would like to bring us back to the breath, which is life, and the voice and the connection to the self. To the empowerment of the individual.

As VSI moves temporarily to online lessons I find myself working in this new medium and opening new opportunities for people to do the work at a time and place that suits them. It is clear that this also makes the work accessible to people from around the world.

I have found working in this online medium very interesting.  It is clear that you cannot go to the physical contact you get from the breathing work or the full sound that you get from the voice work in a workshop with a group of people, and that sometimes working at home can, understandably, be restrictive. However, what I have found working with this medium is firstly, it allows people to do the work in the context we find ourselves in and also secondly, it does not change the depth of the work, either in the breathing work, the voice work or the text work. In fact in some ways the work becomes more focused through the medium of the camera.

The lessons I’m doing online still include the breathing work on the floor, the singing of the four qualities of sound, Deep Male, High Male, Low Female and High Female and then linking the breath and the voice work to the work with the text.

Although this cannot replace the power of working in person the work online has proved very effective and powerful in a different way and I’m delighted to be able to continue to reach out with my work in these difficult times.

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