Lisa Peck is a lecturer in Drama and Theatre and Performance at Sussex University who contacted me to see if she could include me in a book that she wanted to write on female voice and movement practitioners within a feminist acting pedagogy.

She was interested in people who had not taken an established way of teaching the voice but had taken the teaching of the voice, as in my case, from another root.

She took part in one of my international workshops on the Voice and the Classic text in London and found the work both professional and philosophical.

She was deeply moved and found the work life changing. She felt she experienced a healing process through her work with her own voice and through her listening to other people’s voices in the workshop.

It was this experience that confirmed Lisa’s decision to write about me and my work in her book. She calls the part of the book about my work. Nadine George. The Healing Voice.

Lisa’s book ACT AS A FEMINIST : Towards a critical acting pedagogy is published by Routledge and is available to buy now.